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How to Cut Corian Countertops

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A Great Option To Consider

We have covered a lot on countertops; today let’s look at how to cut Corian countertops. With so many options out there, you can make the kitchen of your dreams your own DIY project and tailor it your own ideas and style. Corian is a great sanitary and very durable countertop material, it looks great and you can get over a hundred different color options.

What is Corian Made From? 

Man cutting Corian countertop.

We can thank DuPont for coming up with Corian countertops in the 1960’s as an alternative to traditional granite, and other solid surface countertops. It has a non-porous surface and is made from minerals and acrylic, so it has can be shaped and molded to almost any design.

Why Does Corian Make a Good DIY Countertop?

There are a few reasons you may consider using Corian for your countertops, the material is much easier to work with so DIY Corian countertops is much more feasible than attempting to DIY granite countertops. Since it is made from minerals and acrylic, it is similar a very hard plastic resin. It is fairly easy to cut, and you can achieve almost seamless joints with the way it bonds together with a special acrylic epoxy. It is easy to clean, and does not require you to “seal” it like other countertop options. Also, if you ever get scratches, you can usually get them out with some fine sandpaper or a tough abrasive cleaning pad, or steel wool.

What Tools Can You Cut Corian With? 

You can use a few different tools to cut and shape Corian, the most common one you will have is most likely a circular saw.

  • Circular saw: You just need to get carbide tipped blade, the more teeth the better. I would not recommend reversing a regular blade as some have suggested. Another good option for a blade is a triple chip grind blade. You need to go slow; it is not the same as cutting wood, treat the Corian as extremely hard wood.
  • Router: You can use a straight bit router as long as you have a good guide, or a fence to ensure you get a nice even cut. You may need to make several small passes to keep rom overworking the router itself.
  • Belt Sander: If you need to just shave off a little bit or need to scribe the countertop to fit if you have an uneven wall.

Take Your Time Cut Slow 

Finished Corian kitchen countertop.

You need to be a little more careful when working with Corian countertop material. Here is how to cut it right.

  1. Make you measurements and mark your lines.
  2. Use some masking tape to run next the line of the side that will not be used if applicable.
  3. Use your cutting tool to slowly and accurately make the cut. Remember the thicker the Corian the slower you need to go. If you are using a router be sure to use a track or a fence to keep it straight.

If you follow the steps and take your time you can get perfectly cut lines on your Corian. Always use safety first, and never try to rush anything when working with power tools that could potentially harm you. Remember, if you find yourself if need of a local contractor your friends at Tenlist.com can connect you with the best local contractors in your area. As always, good luck and happy DIYing!