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Pre-Screened Air Conditioning in Cookeville, TN

  • Advantage Heating & Cooling
    240 Cravens Lane
    Livingston, TN 38570
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    Advantage Heating & Cooling started in 1994, to provide the Upper Cumberland with the best in quality, comfort, and price in the area. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we aim to please you no matter what. No job is too large, no job too small! Call us today and let us help you be more comfortable!Remember also that on our units if your compressor fails in the first 10 years of service we will replace it ...

Home Improvement Articles

Gilbert air conditioning - Who should I contact?

02 Apr 2011

The invention of air conditioning units both for home and office use enables you to control the temperature of your office and your surroundings, Because of the clever invention of air conditioning, we may now regulate the temperature in our home or office. When you reside in a place where you experience hot temperatures regularly , then this really can

Hilo air conditioning: Solutions to Help Keep You Cool in the summer

25 Mar 2011

Most people living in a warmer and extra humid climate can't do without air conditioning systems set up in their homes or buildings. Air conditioning is mostly required on warm and humid months all all through the year. Even as blowers may operate for cooling you off a bit, nothing is as comfortable as experiencing the entire room cooled off

Duct Cleaning

12 Mar 2012

Unless you are a worry wart like me, you do not think much about indoor air pollution. Right now, many businesses are promoting and advertising their services to improve your indoor air. From my experience the prices usually cost between $500 and $1200 per heating and cooling system. Duct cleaning provides better indoor air quality, eliminates molds, house dust, and

Things you should Be Aware Of: Tyler air conditioning repair

28 Apr 2011

Almost all of the Regions around the world that have a humid and hot environment condition installed air conditioning equipment on their homes and most specifically in business stores . There are several days in the year where air conditioning is undoubtedly a necessity. Even as blowers may operate to cool you down a little, there is nothing as relaxed

When to Contact with Fayetteville air conditioning repair Services

04 Apr 2011

Clever people devote some time in looking for Fayetteville air conditioning services by looking in all available sources of repair companies in many different means . You must not hope that all a/c contractors are reliable to address. You must not be tricked with repair companies claiming to know the way to mend your air conditioning machine. Consequently, you will

Cheyenne Air Conditioning - Who Should I Contact?

03 May 2011

Depending on the exact situation of your house and the climate in which you reside, then air conditioning can be a vital part of every day living. When you live in a place that's renowned for very high humidity and temperatures it actually is all the more important. You have to be prepared for if your unit breaks, and therefore


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