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Go ahead, build your daughter that PlayHouse!

Now I don’t have any kids, maybe I’m too young, or maybe women just don’t want me to be the father of their children… who knows? But I have found an amazing substitution… my brothers kids. He is the proud ...

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Gutter Cleaning Service

Well it’s about that time of year again. It’s time to find a good Gutter Cleaning Service. YAY… so much fun I know!! Even if you do not have leaf bearing trees towering over your home you still need to ...

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Get Your Contractors Hand Out of Your Cookie Jar!

Contractors are infamous for charging an arm and a leg on projects (Hence the title). The sad thing is that it’s not the worst of it. It’s one thing to say up front ” Well Mr. Jones this kitchen remodel ...

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Directory of Local Contractors

Coming Soon you will find insights, observations and in-depth articles on how to find a local contractor in your area. The TenList.com directory of local contractors has a list of home repair and home improvement contractors across the country ready ...

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