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7 Tips on Hiring a Contractor

Your about to embark on a journey that could be a wonderful experience or a home remodeling project gone wrong, one where you will need to hire a general contractor to over see the project. Find that “right” contractor and your job will be completed on time and under budget. Use the wrong contractor and your job may never get completed and cost well over the amount you have in your budget.
The following seven tips may help you choose the right company and save you from a disaster and help your home improvement project to be a wonderful, joyous experience:
1. Experience A Must – Choose a contractor who has a proven track record and years of experience. Find someone who is new in the business that has no idea of the cost of experienced subcontractors or building materials and you have increased your project cost 10 fold.
2. Obtain Multiple Bids – You may get the recommendation for the best general contractor, but you will have no idea if that contractor gave you a competitive price without soliciting for multiple bids. I personally recommend at least 3 bids. Be careful to compare each bid and that there are no hidden fees or charges.

3. Get Recent References – The internet is a great place to start, any contractor these days will ask most customers to give him a reference through many on-line services. Such as Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau and through the company’s website. Try to get at least 3 and call them, ask specific questions, where you happy, did the contractors workmanship meet your expectations, pricing and did he clean up after the job had been completed.
4. Get It In Writing – Always insist that the general contractor put his quote in writing. That way there will be no misunderstanding about the work that is being performed and materials to be used. A signed contract may help you avoid costly misunderstandings.

5. Negotiate – Be prepared to negotiate your price to your satisfaction. You may have an advantage right now because the economy is slow. Above all stick with your budget.
6. Pay A Little At A Time – Most seasoned contractors expect little or no money upfront. Much of what they need will come to them in a bill from whom they have bought materials from. Typically contractors have a 30 day payment arrangement with there suppliers. You may be able to get away with as little as 10% down and making payments along the way. Never pay for the job upfront, make your final payment after the job is complete and you’re completely satisfied.

7. Check In Regularly – Always inspect the project to make sure that the contractor is doing the job and installing the materials you agreed upon in your contract. Be mindful the contractor does not do or know everything – that is why subcontractors are used. Your contractor should show you his or her license before they start working along with there insurance.

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