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Be Aware of Toxic Black Mold

TOXIC BLACK MOLD, or Stachybotrys chartarum if you will. Even the name sounds scary! Black mold is dangerous, and sometimes can even be the cause of death. Some molds are harmless, but it is never a bad idea to make sure! Better safe than sorry!

Mold digs moist places, so if you see anything that looks sketchy around your bath tub, or shady/stagnant areas, make sure you make a phone call to get it checked out! There are some sad stories that have happened because of black mold, and if the people only knew to look for it, they would be fine today! My friend’s dad is a dentist, and everyone in his office started getting sick, It would start with one person and over time everyone was getting sick with the same symptoms. They had headaches, fatigue, they felt nauseous. Many random symptoms that could be linked to anything, but let’s be honest, when you feel sick you aren’t thinking “OH MYLANTA, I AM PROBABLY BEING POISONED BY BLACK MOLD!” No, but you can never be too careful. This is serious stuff! Anyways, her father, the dentist, eventually started suffering from memory loss. They finally discovered his dentist office had a horrible case of Stachybotrys chartarum, which is the most toxic of all black molds!

It’s not always easy to recognize black mold, and a lot of the time it is in areas you cannot get to or see on a regular basis. First of all, it can smell a bit musty, and it doesn’t always appear black. It can look brownish or yellowish as well. It sometimes look like it is a water spot on a piece of clothing that is spreading, except it is more of a grayish color.

There are certain ways to do your best in preventing black mold. Make sure there are no leaks, or no conditions where water just sits or moisture is being trapped. Get rid of the moisture! This is crucial! It is also important it is not a humid area, improve the air circulation. Anything to help with the air circulation, even a fan.

If you are not sure, or think you might have a problem with mold, you may want to contact a specialist to come out and look for you. Like they always say, better safe than sorry! I always say who are “they” anyway. But, sometimes “they” have a good point!



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