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Budget Friendly Countertop Options

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Countertops on a Budget?

New countertops can be a fairly expensive; however there are plenty of great options for new countertops that will not break the bank like granite, marble, or some of the other more expensive countertop options available.

What Are Inexpensive Options?

Laminate kitchen countertop.

Now any countertop installation project can be costly, although using less expensive material will definitely cut some of the cost of material out to lower the overall cost of a given countertop installation project. Here are a few alternative countertop options available that will cost less for the materials compared to some of the more expensive countertop options.

  • Laminate Countertops – Laminate countertops are a common countertop material, and often times the first that comes to mind when you think “countertops on a budget”. They have many characteristics that make them an attractive solution for a countertop solution. You can get laminate countertops in almost any color or pattern, so matching your kitchen design is easy and practical. Laminate countertops are a popular choice for DIYers because they are one of the easiest countertop types to install.
  • Tile Countertops – Tiling is another option for a home countertop. Tiles can be made of many different materials, but typically porcelain or ceramic are commonly used for home countertops. Tile comes in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Tile countertops are another typically budget friendly countertop solution. Tile is a commonly used in many places in the home, and its durability and water resistant qualities make it a strong option for home countertops, especially in the kitchen or bathroom(s).
  • Stainless steel – Another popular option in modern kitchens is the stainless steel countertop. They are very durable and very low maintenance. They can cost more than some of the other options, but typically still less than granite or marble, and some of the other sought after solid surface countertop options available.



These are a few of the other countertop options available that are typically more budget friendly than some of the sought after solid surface countertop options like granite or marble. Keep in mind that there are many countertop options that can mimic almost any color or pattern out there, so when planning your countertop installation project look at all your options and set your budget accordingly.

Do Your Research!

Tile countertop in a well done bathroom.

When it comes to your home countertop options, be sure to take some time to shop around for the countertop material and color or pattern you want in your home to match your kitchen design. Be sure to discuss the details of the project with your countertop installation contractor. Also, be sure to ask important questions; especially how to care and maintain your new countertops! Your home countertops are a serious investment; they can add value and curb appeal to the home and should function and meet the demands of your day to day activities.

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