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Contractor Nightmare

Contractor Nightmare

Nobody likes getting ripped off, especially when thousands of dollars are at stake! The last thing anyone wants to worry about is not being able to trust their contractor. I am sure we have all heard horror stories about contractors that should be banished from the business, but this one is really heart breaking!

Her name is Jody. She and her husband had signed a contract with a builder in San Diego. Note, they signed a contract, meaning they couldn’t just get out of it if they changed their mind. Jody and her husband, Don, hired the contractor to build a third floor suite in their home, so that Jody’s sick mother that was in a nursing home could come live with them before she goes. If I were a contractor I would realize how important this job was. It wasn’t some little job that could be redone. It needed to be done and done right in a timely manner. The clock was ticking, and Jody wanted her mom home to spend time with her!

Long story short, first one of the guys accidentally tore off a hot water heater exhaust on the roof which leaked carbon monoxide which gave Jody bad headaches and eventually she passed out while she was on the computer. Luckily, a man working on the house saw her and helped her. Second, they put a hole in the ceiling, and later tried to fix it only making it worse, because they didn’t do it right. Toxic mold started to grow, and it was just one thing after another and things weren’t getting done. Talk about a contractor nightmare! Eventually the contractor’s license was revoked. This really affects the industry, because it gives contractors a bad name! Not to mention all the customers have crazy anxiety about hiring anyone!

Sadly, when the house was finally finished Jody’s mother moved in and passed away one week later. If only Jody had a good trust worthy contractor she would have been able to spend more time with her mother before she passed on. To prevent this happening to you, make sure you find a verified and trusted contractor!

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