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Gutter Cleaning Service

Well it’s about that time of year again. It’s time to find a good Gutter Cleaning Service. YAY… so much fun I know!! Even if you do not have leaf bearing trees towering over your home you still need to inspect your gutters yourself. Take me for example… I don’t have gigantic trees over my house but I sure do have a colony of birds calling my gutters home!

Why do we need to clean our gutters or see if they need to be cleaned? I hope this is common sense for most people however we may have a few who are new homeowners who just don’t know or veteran homeowners who are wondering why there are pockets of water around their house when it rains… or why their gutters keep falling off their house! The primary reason is due to leaf buildup from overhanging limbs and debris from strong storms and sometimes even little critters building nests (unfortunately that’s my problem right now).

The effects from not cleaning your gutters believe it or not can be costly compared to the charge for having a professional Gutter Cleaning Service come out and clean your gutters. Depending on your house (single story or multi-story, size of your house and etc…) you can expect to pay anywhere between $50 -$150 to get your gutters cleaned. Damage from gutter “loneliness” can cause your gutters to rot due to “pooled” rain water, can cause your gutters to break free from your house and fall off, cause water damage to windows and siding and if the water is not falling away from your house can even cause foundation problems… and trust me you do not want to deal with foundation problems!

In a nutshell clean your gutters and for those people who are not “Mr./Mrs. Handyman” and don’t know who to call then click here to have some Gutter Cleaning companies call you for a free estimate.

Happy Cleaning and Cheers,


I thought this was a funny commercial… might want a professional to take care of your gutters!




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