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Consult Hampton Sports Surface to Create the Most Unique Field Surface

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Hampton sportsturfHampton sports surface knows that surface really matter when designing and implementing a sports playing area. In addition, sports specialists understand the significance of standing out in the crowd for any given sports field or arena. Uniqueness begets players, and the surface or turf must be attractive to those players. In fact, no one would wish to play football on a field of gravel.

It’s important to note that the success of the team is based on the selection of the surface created for the field. For instance, the win and loss record of a soccer team will be influenced when they’re playing on natural turf made of soil or grass, more so when the climate conditions are not good. A home team can turn the field in their favor once the conditions are changed. When choosing the components, take care about a number of factors, mainly the area where the sport is to be played. For instance, there’s a wide difference between the climate conditions in Wisconsin and Florida.

Grass could be used in different ways to benefit in two ways – offering a beautiful view to the people, and minimizing the probability of the field turning muddy. Kentucky Bluegrass is the ideal choice when you wish to create a perfect playing field surface, but it should be used together with another grass. Use rye grass along with Kentucky bluegrass. While Kentucky bluegrass provides the mat for the field, the rye grass offers the much needed strength to make the field playable around the year.

If you want to create the field in temperate weather conditions, then Bermuda is the perfect choice. Bermuda has a few features which are ideal for temperate conditions – it may endure any amount of heat, and it’s thick enough to avoid any dirty conditions in the rainy season. But, take care that it should be used in an area where the temperature remains above 60 degrees, otherwise it will turn dormant, a condition that is not ideal to sports.

As there’re more than 30 types of turf and surface combinations that will accommodate any sports team, it’s best to check the National Turf Grass Evaluation Trials and with an expert at Hampton sports turf. Along with discussing natural turfs and surfaces, a specialist at Hampton sports turf may advise on artificial turf materials when no natural material offers the consistency in that location for the sport planned. Even the care of the chosen turf could be discussed with the specialist as sports surfaces don’t depend on the same care as a yard, even if the surface is similar in composition of natural materials. The type of cut meant to the grass can affect the durability on the playing surface when game is played.