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Hire a Fence Contractor and By The way… What Are You Hiding??

Image Source: Fence ContractorSo your contractor grade wooden fence is starting to warp, fade and crack. Your posts are splitting and bending over like a pilates instructor and you think now is a great time to build a new fence. Sure you could do it yourself but you’ll probably end up with the same results in 2 years. My suggestion is to hire a qualified fence contractor who actually knows what they’re doing and will warranty their work for normally around 10 yrs.

But I know, you’re stubborn, you’re mr fix it, there isn’t anything you can’t build, right? WRONG. Every time I see the typical do it yourselfer attempt on a fence, I see one common problem. ITS BIG!!! I’m not talking 6 ft tall, or even 8 is bearable, but 10-12ft??? What are you hiding? What type of fortress are you trying to protect? Metal posts, electronic gates, barb wire and lasers. REALLY? Last time I checked, Coco, your 4lb Chihuahua isn’t going anywhere. And then to top it off you have to put port holes in the side of the thing just to see the outside world every couple of days. You are not holding your own Big Brother auditions so just keep it simple, classy and strong (this being the most important factor).

Quit building something that resembles border patrol or the Great Wall of China and could topple like a stack of lego’s. Just go with a nice board on board cedar fence. You’ll love it, you’re neighbors will love it and most importantly you will be able to enjoy the sun. Remember a fence is an extension of your property, sure you want to keep people out and pets in, but you don’t want to cage yourself in like prairie dog.

Hire a professional. Check out our fence builders and get a new fence that you can enjoy right away.

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