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It’s Landscaping Season

Spring has arrived and it is time to pull out that old shovel of yours. My brother recently took on a project to give his backyard a designer landscaping look, and even though he is my home improvement rival, I must say he did an amazing job.

He has a smaller back yard and needed to free up some space for his kiddo’s. He has a large deck that extends the length of the home, but it also cut his backyard in half. Wanting the most inexpensive, but keeping a designer look, he decided to cut the deck in half leaving plenty of room to entertain guests. Essentially, he added 25% more yard space.

Because the ground underneath the deck was not level, he grabbed a rake, leveled the ground, and put in fresh sod from the local nursery. An important side note here, when laying sod, be sure rent a heavy roller to give the grass a fair chance at life. You will need to water this grass for 15 minutes each day for the first 3 weeks as well.

With this extra space and fresh grass laid, he was able to build his kids a swing set. He finished out the project with moderately priced patio furniture, fresh flowers, and a rock flower bed liner. He essentially took a job that could have cost a good chunk of change and achieved the same results over the course of a weekend.

Now for me, there are a lot of things I am good at, and landscaping is not one of them. I don’t think I have the designer touch or the patience to watch grass grow. If you are like me, then you might was to get a few bids. You’d be surprised how competitive landscapers can be. That being said, I refuse to let my brother have a better back yard and thanks to this page, I’ve accomplished my “one upper”. I win again.



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