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Maid Services

Finding a maid is not as easy as it sounds. Women are usually better at knowing this. It is hard to find someone that really wants to really clean your home, instead of “tidying” up. I have had this issue with a couple different services I have used. First of all, word of mouth is usually the best way to go. My aunt’s maid now does work for my parents, and now for me. She is a wonderful lady too, and trustworthy, which is very important. Find the right maid services for your home.

Trust is important, because these people are cleaning your home, around your valuables, opening and shutting things, they are bound to see anything. Also, I tell her what is most important to me, because some things that are important to me others might not notice. If I were starting a new maid or maid service I would ask for a contract agreement, so we both knew each other’s expectations. This is an important job to both parties. It is your home, and their job.

If you leave a clean pair of sheets next to your bed, most maid services will change your sheets and throw the old ones in the wash. I thought this was really neat, and saved me a lot of time. Don’t forget to leave the sheets out though! Also, some maids will reorganize/redecorate, because they take everything off and clean and often do not always remember exactly where it went. This is only human, so before they clean just tell them what is important to you.

Finding the right maid service for your home is not as easy as everyone thinks. It is important to find the perfect one for your private home. Maid services vary, so I would get some bids here with TenList.com, read the reviews, and find exactly what I am looking for.





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