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Make Your Guests Say WOW

Clean Living RoomI’ve been traveling all week and have had a lot of time to my thoughts. I was wondering what changes I could make to my home to get a nod of approval from those who visit. After thinking about houses that impressed me, I came up with 3 easy, cost effective solutions that will get your neighbors talking.

Simple and free first. It’s time to get rid of your clutter. Think back on homes that have impressed you. Think about the nicest homes you’ve seen on TV. One thing in common with the two is NO CLUTTER. We all get busy in our day to day lives. Worst, after seeing piles of clutter over and over again, they become staples in our home. We don’t even notice them anymore. Try this, invite a friend over and ask them to be honest. Tell them you want them to point out areas that seem crowded or cluttered. Then, Get rid of those areas!

Second, landscape your yard. Your yard is the first thing people see when they arrive at the door. Overgrown landscaping (or worse, no landscaping at all) can really put a sour taste in your guests mouth. While you may like the natural look, most see un-kept, under landscaped yards as a sign of laziness. So stop being lazy and landscape already.

Finally, lighting. Central lighting is out. As a matter of fact, I almost prefer fans without lights. Decorate your home with track lighting or lamps. Use a lower watt bulb or use a spot light on areas you’d like to highlight (like a picture above your fireplace) Ambient lighting is an easy way to set a mood and make your home inviting and warm.
Do these 3 simple things and you’ll have your guests never wanting to leave!



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