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Professional Long Distance Moving

Professional Moving CompanyIf there is one thing I hate in life, it is moving.  It’s a pain in the neck.  You never really realize how much junk you’ve accumulated until you try to move it to a new location.  If you are like me, I end up throwing away half my stuff simply because I hate moving… especially if it is a long distance haul.

What’s even worse than moving yourself is the phone call from a friend asking for your help in their move.  I try to be as good of a friend as possible, but somewhere you have to draw the line and for me, that line is moving someone else’s furniture.  I have found a great way to decline the invite, but still save face.  I simply offer to help them pay for the movers and spend the next 20 minutes explaining all the benefits of such a strategy.  Selfishly, I don’t want to help them move, but realistically, it makes sense.

What most people do not value when moving themselves is their own time.  If you broke down how much you are “worth” per hour, you would probably see the benefit in hiring a long distance moving company to move your items for you.  It’s actually inexpensive and you won’t have to worry about your items being damaged.  (What I mean by this is that if you damage your own items, you are out of luck… if movers damage them, most likely you have hired an insured mover and your items will be replaced)  This point alone is enough for me to hire a mover…. Peace of mind is highly valued to me.

So if you are thinking about moving, don’t stress a friendship or your back.  Hire professional long distance movers and you’ll be settled in to your new home in no time at all!



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