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Putting In Winter Grass This Winter Season? Better Get a Move On It!

If you are thinking about putting in Winter Grass for the winter months well your better make up your mind because the time is now. Of course there are pros and cons for putting winter grass in for the winter however if you like having that green lawn look then you better get a move on it!

Man I love driving through a neighborhood on a cold winter day and seeing a green lawn amongst all of the dead brown lawns. It sure does look good on the eye but I for one like to take every winter or two off so I don’t have to worry about any maintenance or for those of you that have someone else mow your lawn you can save a little coin during the winter months which is always nice too.

I have a professional put in winter grass during some winter seasons (just for a change) and trust me having someone else seed your lawn beats having to do it yourself. It’s not that it’s hard, however I would rather spend my time doing other things than scalping and seeding my yard. If you are going to be putting in winter grass yourself all you have to do it scalp you lawn and then seed away and water of course. There are different types of winter grasses depending on the climate of your region so please, please, please be sure you check with your local lawn specialist before seeding your lawn with any old grass! If you want to have someone contact you about seeding your yard with winter grass click >a href=”http://www.tenlist.com/lawn-care/”>here and someone will call you with more information in your area.

In a nutshell winter grass looks good and does not require any unordinary grass maintenance so go for it if you want to have the greenest yard on the block during the upcoming winter months… I think I might have talked myself into it this winter as well!

Cheers – Barc



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