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Remodel That Garage Already!

man caveI get it.  Why in the world would you want to remodel your garage when your wife has a list of a hundred “to do’s” in other parts of the house.  The answer is simple.  Long ago, we lost our (I’m referring to men here) control over the design and decorating of our homes.  No longer can our prized moose head hang over the fireplace and long gone are the dreams of installing a urinal in our restroom.  No, now we are inundated with pleasant smells, clean carpet, and fresh flowers.  Now is our time to claim stake to the only remaining room we have control over.  Our Garage!!

Recently, I had a buddy do a complete remodel of his garage.  It was simple, cost him hardly nothing and he now has a cave worthy to spend the evening in.  Follow me here.  He had just recently ripped the carpet out of his home for new flooring.  He took this old carpet and laid it in the garage.  Due to some storage issues, he did hire a garage contractor come out and install a product called handi-wall.  It basically looks like wood flooring excepted has a sliding rail system to hang up your tools, install baskets, etc…  It was the only cost of the remodel, but I cannot begin to tell you the difference it made to the room.  Virtually nothing is on the floors because of the versatility of this wall board.

He set up an entertainment system in the corner complete with surround sound, mini fridge, TV (with cable) and set the mood lighting with neon beer signs.  He thought briefly about installing air conditioning and throwing in a couch, but was too afraid that if he made it too comfortable his wife would want to hang out in the garage too.

3 days from start to finish, I have never seen this man enter the house.  He simply lives in his cave and smiles for no reason whatsoever.  So join in the revolution.  Get outside and remodel that old garage of yours!



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