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Solar Panel’s Changing Everything

Solar Panel InstallHave you noticed the recent push towards renewable energy? More than ever, people everywhere are stepping up to the plate and looking for alternate sources of energy. One of the most promising industries in renewable energy is solar panels.

I recently switched my electric provider to TXU Energy. I was somewhat taken back by the representatives push on conserving energy. In my mind, the more energy I used, the bigger TXU’s paycheck got. One program in particular caught my eye. For a nominal fee, TXU would “rent” you solar panels to be installed on your roof. You were not charged for installation or upkeep, you just had to loan a portion of your roof to the electric company. I can’t remember the exact figures, but each panel (4 were installed on your roof) Could cut your summer time bills by nearly 70%! Further, in the winter, your bills could actually be negative. If the panels provided a surplus to the grid, TXU would actually buy back the unused electricity!

What a genius idea. For me, there is nothing more shocking than opening up a $1,000 electric bill, and though solar panel technology, that bill could be reduced to $300. (I went for easy math here… hopefully your electric bill isn’t $1,000…. If so, please make sure your windows are closed and you are not trying to air condition the neighborhood)

Long story short, I am excited to see what the future holds for solar panel technology. If you are interested in getting pricing on Solar Panel Installation, please click here.



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