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Stage Your Home

Home stagingHave you ever wondered why some homes sell quicker than others? More importantly why other peoples homes sell quicker than yours? This can be a very frustrating situation for you and your bank account. I recently asked a successful real estate buddy what his secret was for selling homes quick and his answer might surprise you. (it probably wont since you read the title of this blog).

When he gets ready to sell a home, he prefers that the occupant move out and clear away their clutter. Nothing will drop potential buyers out of the race faster than a cluttered, unorganized home. While most buyers are smart enough to understand that this is not their stuff, it can still leave a bad taste in their mouth and help them walk away from the offering table.

He suggests hiring a design firm specializing in home staging to get your home off the market and fast. Studies show that if you are willing to stage your home for potential buyers, the home will be off the market in half the time of non staged homes. In our current housing market, this can mean getting your home sold in 90 days versus 180 days. While the initial pinch of staging your home might sting, it will pale in comparison to the money you will save and the peace of mind that comes along with getting out from under your home quickly.

So do the research, get the quotes to stage your home, and see for yourself the difference home staging can make!



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