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Take Home Improvement Seriously People… It’s Not Worth the Risk!

This is a topic that really hits home with me due to the fact that I have 2 little ones at home. Their safety is our top priority and having the right home security system in place is crucial for their safety and our peace of mind as parents.

What type of home security system should you get and what type of company should you go with are 2 of the questions you should consider when purchasing your system. There are a few general systems you can typically choose from:

– Hardwired Home Security System… This system is great if you are building a new home because there is a lot of wiring involved and it is easier to install if your walls are exposed. Most homes have wired systems in place however your older homes typically do not. All of the window, door, glass break alarms are wired back to the central control panel and helps to eliminate false alarms.
Wireless Home Security System… This system runs off batteries and it a lot easier to install. This can be a DIY system however we would recommend having a professional help with the installation. These systems have a frequency based designed compared to direct connect design of the hardwired systems.

There are also many components you can ad for added security such as glass break detectors, motion sensors, security cameras (for the extra cautious… this will help you identify those creepers coming around your house!), sirens and strobes and etc.

When I select a company for this kind of Home Improvement addition I believe it is best to go with a large reputable company. They are more then likely going to have the best services and monitoring. When we moved we decided to go with a “local” home security specialist and it took him nearly 6 hours to install our system and our house was already hard wired for it! Come to find out 8 months later we were NOT even being monitored by the security company. Talk about an eye opener! Now I am sure there are good local home security companies out there but I would rather know I am being set up right the first time and not find out the hard way.

We always try to add a little comedy in our posts when talking about Home Improvement however we want everyone reading this to take it seriously. It only takes one event to change your life so make sure you are well prepared for any intruder.

Best Wishes – Barc




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