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Vinyl Siding is the New Black

Vinyl SidingThe holidays have come and gone and I’m sure home improvement projects are at the bottom of your to-do list but don’t let them fall too far down there. Christmas time is a “cheap” time of year to get your project done and at competitive prices. All construction slows down and contractors are hungry for you business so now may be the time to hire your contractor… while the iron is hot.

I always find it funny how styles rotate in and out. Some become the “must haves” while others dwindle into the past as long lost memories. Vinyl Siding is back in and becoming a popular choice over brick for many homeowners. Why? Vinyl siding gives homeowners more freedom to “express themselves.” Not only is it durable and built to last a lifetime, it is also paint-able, easy to power wash to clean and can give any home a fresh look. While brick isn’t gone by any means, vinyl is quickly narrowing the gap between the two. Some homeowners even opt to mix the two together (like in the picture)

Here is an example I’ve run across myself. I have several rental homes and most of them are brick. I have noticed large cracks in my bricks due to the ground shifting below the house. Recently, a pillar near the front door actually collapsed due to the shifting in that particular area. Have you ever tried replacing bricks? I would rather spend an entire day at the dentist getting flossed. Vinyl siding is much easier to repair or even replace. I encourage you to take a look at the costs and benefits of using Vinyl siding over brick for your next home project.

While this may not be a project you would like to take on alone, you need not worry. Get a few bids from around town and you will quickly see the savings you will acquire over bricking you home… not to mention the headaches you will avoid down the road.



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