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What is a Handyman?

Handyman is a widely used term and can describe a professional or your husband or wife.  Either way you look at it, a handyman is a great source to have in your pocket when you run across projects that you do not know how to complete yourself.

What is a Handyman?

Most would agree that a handyman is a person skilled in some sort of trade skill, repair work, maintenance work, capable of working on the interior or exterior of your home and also able to do light plumbing and electrical work. While this is not a comprehensive list, it does cover most of the basics

Handyman or General Contractor?

A handyman is some who typically does all the work himself or with a helper.  A handyman is generally more cost effective on smaller, everyday projects.  A general contractor sub contracts most work to licensed professionals.  A general contractor would be best for large home remodels, or projects that are heavy in plumbing and electrical work.

When Do I Hire a Handyman?

A handyman would be a smart choice when you run across a project that is outside your comfort level and expertise.  Generally, when homeowners decided to take on a project themselves that require a specific set of skills, the project itself ends up costing more than hiring a professional.  Do yourself a favor.  If you have any concerns when completing even a simple task, hire a professional contractor.

What Do I look for?

Some states require that all handyman contractors are certified.  To find out if your state requires your contractor to be certified, please visit your States General Contractors Licensing Board. Beyond a certification, it is important that you hire a handyman professional who is insured.  If for some reason a contractor was hurt on your premises, without being properly insured, you could be liable.  Be sure to do the research required before allowing any contractor to enter your home



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