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Your Wife is Hot

Air Conditioning InstallationIf I see one more Air Conditioning Installation Company use this slogan, I am going to be physically sick. I get it, it’s funny.. but it was only funny the first time you saw it. Then, out of no where, ever AC company in the world is running ads, posting to billboards, radio commercials etc… using the same line. STOP IT.

On a more serious note, if your AC unit is getting up in age and you are thinking about repairing it, YOU MUST READ THIS ARTICLE. If your unit is over 10 years old, the technological improvements that have been made and the EPA’s new regulations could save you hundreds on your electrical bill. While repairing might be the cheapest solution, installing a new air conditioning unit may actually give you more bang for your buck. I fall victim to short term thinking all of the time. If I don’t get an immediate reward, then I hardly think twice about any future benefits. Only lately (in my older years I guess) have I started to consider what the choices I make today mean to my future.

Now I understand we are just talking about an AC unit, but installing a new, more efficient, more environmentally friendly unit can have some serious benefits to your home. But do not take my word for it. Call around to a few different contracts. Get some bids, take a look at the estimated annual cost of using the unit. Be sure to do the math, and then come back and comment this post telling me I saved you money…



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