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Pre-Screened Concrete in Sarasota, FL

  • A & R Concrete Cutting LLC
    1146 CHARLES ST. S W
    Moore Haven, FL 33471
    Rating: 4.67 GET A QUOTE
    A & R Concrete Cutting, LLC, can take care of all of your concrete cutting and core cutting needs at very reasonable rates. Give us a call for a free quote. No job is too big or too small! ...
  • AAL by Frank Gabry
    14 Old Venice Road
    Osprey, FL 34229
    Rating: 4.11 GET A QUOTE
    At AAL by Frank Gabry, we can handle all outdoor living space (landscape) from aquascaping to Irrigation to paving to trees & palms that we grow. Specializing in Estate Style environmentally friendly restoring outdoor living space in harmony with Nature.Estate Style saves energy & water creating colorful flowering habitat for butterflies, Bee's, all pollinators! ...
  • Greeners Landscaping Company
    107 W Oak St
    Osprey, FL 34229
    Rating: 4.83 GET A QUOTE
    Greeners Landscaping Company is a full-service, famly owned landscaping company specializing in commercial & residential landscape design, installation & maintenance.GREENERSLANDSCAPING.COM ...
  • Honey Do Home and Office Repair, Inc.
    8799 Cortez Road
    Bradenton, FL 34210
    Rating: 4.49 GET A QUOTE
    Honey Do Home and Office Repair, Inc., is a client focused company that strives to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. We specialize in all of your home improvement needs with over 30 years experience in home repairs.Our company takes pride in meeting each of our customers special needs, making sure that we protect your most valuable asset while providing our best quality product. In addition to our high standard of residential home improvement, we also service many of ...
  • JS Brick Corporation
    275 Herons Run Drive, Apt. 719
    Sarasota, FL 34232
    Rating: 4.81 GET A QUOTE
    Lourival with JS Brick Corporation continues to impress with the beautiful quality of work completed. With 6 years of experience his creative expertise is just a phone call away! ...
  • Murphy Landscaping, LLC
    3902 29th Avenue West
    Bradenton, FL 34205
    Rating: 4.83 GET A QUOTE
    Murphy Landscaping, LLC, works directly with you to create your dream landscape, at an affordable price! We offer beautiful landscape designs, breathtaking gardens, brick patios and walkways. ...
  • Sunstate Resurfacing, Inc.
    1133 Bal Harbor Boulevard, Suite 1139
    Punta Gorda, FL 33950
    Rating: 5.0 GET A QUOTE
    Sunstate Resurfacing, Inc. has established themselves as the go to company for quality work and excellent customer service. For over 23 years our clients have relied on us for all of their resurfacing & pool deck needs. Whether its a new installation, renovation or repair, the crew at Sunstate Resurfacing will leave you with a smile when the job is done. Were ready to take on any project and deliver results youll be proud of. We know that it takes more than ...
  • Total Garage USA
    1125 Kingsway Drive
    Nokomis, FL 34275
    Rating: 4.88 GET A QUOTE
    Total Garage USA, has been in business for several years and would love the opportunity to show you what experience and professionalism can mean for the overall value of your project. Please call today. ...

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Repair and Seal Your Asphalt Driveway During Your Spring Cleaning Routine

11 Apr 2012

With spring in full bloom, now is the time we begin our spring cleaning and home repair regime. We typically focus on areas inside the home first. Then we shift our attention to the exterior of the home, often forgetting the driveway is part of the home as well. Before you begin organizing closets, repainting rooms and adding ...

Making Your Concrete Home Environmentally Friendly

30 Mar 2012

Some concrete buildings are becoming more environmentally friendly if you believe many of the features in the papers about concrete contractors making modifications to the way they really build. If builders are doing this, it caused me to think that we can all be more earth friendly within our abodes. Not many people can state that they have a 'green'

How to DIY Tuckpointing

27 Jan 2014

Lasting A Lifetime Homes and buildings constructed with brick and mortar can last a lifetime. They are strong, durable, and really help make our homes more resistant to the elements to keep our homes feeling secure and efficient. What do you do though when your mortar starts to age on your brick buildings?

How To Repair Cinder Block Walls

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Excellent Building Material Cinder block walls can be a great building material, with proper care and maintenance they can last for years and years. When properly installed and insulated they can offer sturdy resistance to the elements, but what do you do when one starts to crack or deteriorate?

Polished Concrete Offers Fun, Functional Interior & Exterior Flooring Options

23 Apr 2012

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA-When it comes time to choose flooring for any residential renovation project or new office space, the options can seem endless and overwhelming. Polished concrete flooring has become more popular and offers a lot of benefits, plus concrete is much like a blank slate, which lends itself to creating an aesthetic as unique as the owner. What Is Polished Concrete

The Beginner’s Guide To Concrete Cutting And Removal

24 May 2012

HERNDON, VIRGINIA-Concrete is a popular building material because of its durability and versatility, but those benefits become drawbacks when it comes time to remove it. Busting out concrete, which is a composite of sand, gravel, cement and water, particularly when it is reinforced with rebar can be an all day job that requires specials saws, blades and safety equipment. Because of how


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