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Pre-Screened Contractors in Las Vegas, NV

  • A + Pro-Tech, LLC
    35 East Horizon Ridge Drive
    Henderson, NV 89002
    Rating: 4.71 GET A QUOTE
    Thank you for choosing A + Pro-Tech, LLC!!! We are top of the class in mold remediation, water damage, and restoration. We serve the Las Vegas area with quality and total customer satisfaction. We look forward to creating a safe environment for you.Independently owned and operated, trusted business, serving the Las Vegas area for 12 years. We are specializing in toxic mold removal, remediation, and restoration, also offering home maintenance and mold prevention services.Featured on A&E Network's "Flipping Vegas:" Flood ...
  • AL Axpress
    9505 West Trident Circle
    Las Vegas, NV 89117
    Rating: pending GET A QUOTE
    AL Axpress is a well established business with over 15 years of unmatched expertise. Customer priorities are always first. We're very timely with our work and never lose attention to detail. ...
  • Blit Rite Builders
    4111 East Cleveland Avenue
    Las Vegas, NV 89104
    Rating: 4.97 GET A QUOTE
    Bilt-Rite Builders is a full service remodel and renovation company specializing in residential and small commercial projects. Relying on owner Bill McGregor's 31 years of experience as a master carpenter, Bilt-Rite Builders offers a hands on approach to all your remodel needs. We use "in house" workers for better pricing, service and quality control. Our aim is to give you the best value for your project with the minimum amount of stress. ...
  • Enrique's Handyman Services
    1571 Sunrise View
    Las Vegas, NV 89110
    Rating: 5.0 GET A QUOTE
    Enrique's Handyman Services is a family business serving the Las Vegas area with over 19 years of experience. Our craftsmanship, our dedication to customer satisfaction and all the skills utilized to do your job, whichever job you want completed, is performed -- perfectly suited for your needs. We are on time, on budget, and we're perfectionists. All our work and our complete repairs are guaranteed, for your 100% satisfaction. If you have a tough problem or difficult challenge, we are the one ...
  • Handyman Matters
    8112 Slate Falls Street
    North Las Vegas, NV 89085
    Rating: pending GET A QUOTE
    Serving the Greater Las Vegas area, Handyman Matters, is your one stop shop for all of your home repairs. No job is too small and your satisfaction is the most important thing. We have the integrity and the know how to complete your project the right way, the first time. Give us a call today for a free estimate! ...
  • Medical Repair Associates, LLC
    544 Kenerly Street 
    Henderson, NV 89015
    Rating: 4.83 GET A QUOTE
    At Medical Repair Associates, LLC, we are your premier choice for handyman projects for commercial and residential properties. We provide high quality work and friendly customer service. Call today! I proudly maintain the following licenses: Nevada State Business License # NV20141091101, expires: 2/28/2015, City Of Henderson Business License # 2014300661 (Class 309H- Property Maintenance) expires: 8/31/2014, and City Of Las Vegas Business License # G62-02909- (Class R60- Repair and Maintenance, Maintenance Services) Expires: 10/1/2014. ...
  • RPJ Industries, LLC
    3525 Ponza Court
    Las Vegas, NV 89141
    Rating: 4.79 GET A QUOTE
    RPJ Industries, LLC has successfully been a family owned business for twenty one years. I personnally show up and do all the work and take extreme pride in that. My father has taught me well. We work closely with our customers to ensure every project is completed to their satisfaction. I will make sure all projects are completed on time and budget. If you need a reliable professional today please don't hesitate to call. ...
  • Silver State Home Repairs and Maintenance, LLC
    2935 Falling Springs Circle
    Las Vegas, NV 89135
    Rating: 4.83 GET A QUOTE
    Silver State Home Repairs and Maintenance, LLC, is a family owned and operated business, that prides itself on an outstanding record of quality service and attention to detail. Our philosophy is to treat your home as we would our own, and this is complimented by our years of experience in the industry. Our longevity is a testament to the level of service and quality you'll get when you choose Silver State Home Repairs and Maintenance, LLC, for any installation, repair, or ...

Home Improvement Articles

Contractors for Dummies

06 Feb 2012

Okay, so maybe we aren't "dummies", but we are too busy for all that contractor mush women! I am not implying we do not know as much as men, I'm not sexist against myself! I'm just saying we have a lot of other things on our mind, like taking care of our family, working, getting our nails and hair done,

Contractor Nightmare

13 Feb 2012

Nobody likes getting ripped off, especially when thousands of dollars are at stake! The last thing anyone wants to worry about is not being able to trust their contractor. I am sure we have all heard horror stories about contractors that should be banished from the business, but this one is really heart breaking! Her name is Jody. She and her

Mold Removal Specialists

09 Nov 2011

Nobody ever wants to hear that little four letter word... MOLD, but the truth is, at some point in our lives, we will all have to deal with the inevitable. We all deal with mold here and there and most of us become desensitized to it. We see mold, we clean it. If we don't see it,

Test for Toxic Lead Before It's Too Late

16 Jan 2012

We have all heard the horror stories associated with Toxic lead in peoples homes.  It is really a very dangerous thing that is often overlooked by homeowners across the country.  Let's be real, in 2012, who buys a home and is concerned about the lead content of the paint on the walls? Not many people.  We all fall into the

Don't Pick Local Contractors that Steal Your Underwear!

14 Sep 2010

So you are working on your house DYI style (Do It Yourself for those not privy to Home Improvement terms :))and you realize you are now way over your head and you need to find a Local Contractor and need one quick so where do you turn? To the "old" yellow book? Nowadays not so much. Most people turn to

Get Your Contractors Hand Out of Your Cookie Jar!

15 Sep 2010

Contractors are infamous for charging an arm and a leg on projects (Hence the title). The sad thing is that it's not the worst of it. It's one thing to say up front " Well Mr. Jones this kitchen remodel is going to cost you $X" and half way through the project he mysteriously runs across more "unforeseen" problems that


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