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Pre-Screened Countertops in Concord, CA

  • D.H. Tile & Fabrication, Inc.
    43221 Osgood Road
    Fremont, CA 94539
    Rating: 4.83 GET A QUOTE
    DH Tile provides immaculate work with unmatched expertise. We have been in business for over 25 years. Customer priorities and preference are always first and we always exceed expectations. Call today ...
  • Rann Valdez Stone
    1015 Shary Circle, Suite 2
    Concord, CA 94518
    Rating: 4.38 GET A QUOTE
    Rann Valdez Stone specializes in installing quality stone counter tops, vanities, fireplaces and any other application you can imagine. We do full service tile as well and will always help with design ...
  • Starlight Marble & Granite
    6429 Southfront Road, Unit D
    Livermore, CA 94551
    Rating: 4.83 GET A QUOTE
    We pride our company on reliability, great communication, integrity, and quality work. We are experts in our trade and will do our best to keep you as educated as we can on your particular task or project. We look forward to earning your business! ...
  • Top Repair
    #3 Palestrina Court
    American Canyon, CA 94503
    Rating: 4.81 GET A QUOTE
    Since 1993, TopRepair has specialized in countertop repairs throughout Northern California. We work with solid surface materials such as DuPont Corian, natural stone countertops such as granite and marble, and quartz (engineered stone) countertops, such as Zodiaq, CaesarStone and Cambria. We also repair butcher block, concrete and recycled glass countertops. Contact us when countertops need to be modified for new sinks and cooktops. Please visit for in-depth information about our company and the services we provide. Thank ...

Home Improvement Articles

Remodel Your House with Glass, Soapstone, or Concrete Countertops

24 May 2013

Need to Make a Change? Tired of walking into your lackluster kitchen with its sad, stained Formica? Do your bathroom’s laminate countertops get you down? If you’ve got a case of the blues about your house, it might be time to think about a remodel. You’ve never had more options or better quality materials! You don’t have to be a millionaire to

Countertop Contractor's Helpful and Easy Tips for Daily Green Living

13 Apr 2012

Countertop Contractors support green living by sharing this helpful tips article. You will know about the effects of pollution and global warming caused by humans, since it's constantly mentioned in the news. I'm sure there are folks who, despite experiencing a strong urge to provide aid, are in the dark about how to go about it. Well, you don't have to

All You Need to Know About Corian Countertops

17 Feb 2012

Corian countertops are becoming increasingly popular among many homeowners, but what exactly are the benefits and disadvantages of installing Corian in your home?  While you are doing your research to find our what countertop works best for you, there are a few things to keep in mind. Corian countertops are made from a plastic resin. They can be pigmented to almost

How to Seal Marble Countertops

09 Jan 2014

Marble Countertops in Your Home Homes that have marble countertops could need to be sealed after being installed, or potentially need to be resealed from time to time to protect the marble after being used in our daily lives. This is not something that you will have to call a professional to come out and do, in fact it is a

How to Finish Butcher block Counters

11 Dec 2013

Have you been enjoying your new butcher-block countertops for a while now, and they are finally starting to show some wear and tear? The best thing about butcher-block countertops is how simple it is to refinish them and make them look brand new again!

Stainless Steel Countertops

19 Mar 2012

I am kind of snobby when it comes to my home. I once heard someone say “My style is simple. I simply want the best.” Story of my life! Speaking of a nice home, I absolutely adore stainless steel countertops. Stainless steel, which is also called inox steel does not rust or stain with water as much as regular steel


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