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Pre-Screened Drywall in Columbus, GA

  • H&H Associates
    166 Mountain Road
    Hamilton, GA 31811
    Rating: 2.97 GET A QUOTE
    At H&H Associates, we pride ourselves on our customer service and professionalism. We look forward to working with you on your next project. Give us a call today. ...
  • Hamer Construction Company
    PO Box 8712
    Columbus, GA 31908
    Rating: 5.0 GET A QUOTE
    Hamer Construction Company is a locally owned and operated business specializing in all types of projects in and around your home. We care as much about the quality of our work as you care about your home. Call us today! ...
  • I Rescue On Site Furniture Repair & Home Solutions
    1519 19th Street, Suite A
    Columbus, GA 31901
    Rating: 4.88 GET A QUOTE
    Thank you for contacting iRESCUE! We offer over 10 years experience in providing an EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE for all of our customers in both service and repair. Call now for quality service! 770-545-0070*********Not sure what to do with that BROKEN couch?We do professional service on most types of furniture.Broken legs, tables, SOFAs, Loveseats, Recliners, Missing Chair pieces, etc, etc, etc?Let us help today! Call now! 770-545-0070**********Do you sink in when you try to relax on ...

Home Improvement Articles

How to Repair Plaster Wall Cracks

16 Jan 2014

Fix Those Unsightly Cracks Cracks in your plaster walls can be unsightly and if you intend on selling your home, you should take some time to repair the cracks. You can DIY if a weekend, it does not take a great amount of time, but you will need to wait for the repairs to dry and set before sanding and painting.

Plastering Made Easy with Big Wally’s Plaster Magic!

29 May 2013

Easy Way to DIY There’s not much you can do about your plaster walls or ceilings cracking. It’s the way your walls let you know that the plaster has come loose from its wood lath. Cracks are going to happen. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="223"] Credit: Pinterest[/caption] It used to be that when the plaster cracked, you’d have to screw in plaster washers and

Information on Environmentally Safe Paints and Drywalls Exposed

29 Mar 2012

Aside from environmentally safe paints, the best way to finish environmentally safe interior wall or ceiling spaces is drywall. Tenlist listed the best and expert drywall contractors in your area. It is a troubling thought that solvents coming from paints in daily use are emitted into the atmosphere and is not something we would truly wish to happen. What the paints

Drywall Installation Tools, Tricks and Techniques

14 May 2012

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA - Sometime, someday someone will hit your drywall with a heavy object and it's going to leave a mark or even a hole. You can either hang a picture over the hole or repair it yourself, which isn't as scary as you may think. Today, most able-bodied homeowners can tackle their own Columbus Georgia drywall installation or repair project. From

Patch a Hole In Drywall

27 Nov 2013

Another Hole In The Wall? Ever wonder how easy it was to patch a hole in your drywall? If you have children, or clumsy friends like myself, then you most likely have seen a hole knocked in the drywall from a doorknob or some other random mishap. Today I am going to show you just how easy it is to patch

How Much Does Sheetrock Cost?

21 Nov 2013

This is a question that has been asked a lot, especially if you are looking to do a new home construction project and or add on to a home/building that needs a new room. Sheetrock is a critical component in building any kind of building, so we need to take a closer look on what this is going to cost


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