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Pre-Screened Drywall in Columbus, GA

  • Aaron Hunt Lawnscapes
    245 Lee Road 2095
    Phenix City, AL 36870
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    By providing top notch customer service, Aaron Hunt Lawnscapes has been serving Phenix City and the surrounding areas since 2000. We perform all services at a high level. Your project dollars are maximized through low overhead, efficiency, and by offering various options that may not be offered by others. You can rest assured that we are extremely knowledgeable, homeowner friendly, along with fast and clean. Quality and service you can trust! Call Aaron Hunt today to experience ...
  • H&H Associates
    166 Mountain Road
    Hamilton, GA 31811
    Rating: 3.17 GET A QUOTE
    At H&H Associates, we pride ourselves on our customer service and professionalism. We look forward to working with you on your next project. Give us a call today. ...
  • Hamer Construction Company
    PO Box 8712
    Columbus, GA 31908
    Rating: 5.0 GET A QUOTE
    Hamer Construction Company is a locally owned and operated business specializing in all types of projects in and around your home. We care as much about the quality of our work as you care about your home. Call us today! ...
  • ProResident, LLC
    505 North Oakley Drive
    Columbus, GA 31906
    Rating: 5.0 GET A QUOTE
    ProResident, LLC is your one-stop-shop for all of your residential and commercial cleaning and overall improvement needs. Our crew of experienced professionals has multiple years of experience in the cleaning and home improvement industry. All consumers have wants, needs, dreams and desires. Our job is to incorporate these aspects into each and every project. We clean every aspect of your home or office. At ProResident, LLC we work around your busy schedule and we understand that not everyone has a 9-5 lifestyle. ...
  • Rods Home Repair
    912 Rim Rock Trail
    Columbus, GA 31904
    Rating: 5.0 GET A QUOTE
    Rods Home Repair has over 45 years of home improvement expertise. When you want dependable service know that you can count on us. We enjoy helping you with home improvements and knowing that we can do it all big or small we got it covered. Call today for your professional consultation or to schedule your appointment with Rod. ...

Home Improvement Articles

Drywall Tape for Beginners (Seriously, Experts Don’t Read This)

28 May 2013

Easy DIY for Beginners Okay, our apologies in advance to anyone with a heavy construction background who still decided to read this. If you’re new to DIY construction and trying to fix up your drywall, this article is here to help in the most rudimentary way possible. We want you to get an idea of what you are planning to do

How Much Does Sheetrock Cost?

21 Nov 2013

This is a question that has been asked a lot, especially if you are looking to do a new home construction project and or add on to a home/building that needs a new room. Sheetrock is a critical component in building any kind of building, so we need to take a closer look on what this is going to cost

Plastering Made Easy with Big Wally’s Plaster Magic!

29 May 2013

Easy Way to DIY There’s not much you can do about your plaster walls or ceilings cracking. It’s the way your walls let you know that the plaster has come loose from its wood lath. Cracks are going to happen. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="223"] Credit: Pinterest[/caption] It used to be that when the plaster cracked, you’d have to screw in plaster washers and

How to Repair Plaster Wall Cracks

16 Jan 2014

Fix Those Unsightly Cracks Cracks in your plaster walls can be unsightly and if you intend on selling your home, you should take some time to repair the cracks. You can DIY if a weekend, it does not take a great amount of time, but you will need to wait for the repairs to dry and set before sanding and painting.

How To Stucco Interior Walls

23 Jan 2014

Stucco Your Interior Walls There are several materials you can use to build your interior walls. Often times we use drywall or sheetrock to build walls as they are a fast effective way to get a wall put up. Another great option that has been around since almost all of known history is stucco walls. Stucco is a plaster mixture that

Drywall Installation Tools, Tricks and Techniques

14 May 2012

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA - Sometime, someday someone will hit your drywall with a heavy object and it's going to leave a mark or even a hole. You can either hang a picture over the hole or repair it yourself, which isn't as scary as you may think. Today, most able-bodied homeowners can tackle their own Columbus Georgia drywall installation or repair project. From


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