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Pre-Screened Drywall in Fresno, CA

  • All Phase Maintenance
    1132 Jones Avenue
    Fresno, CA 93706
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    All Phase Maintenance is your one stop shop for all your handyman projects. Offering professional reliable service to each and every valuable customer. Call today for a Quote. ...
  • Elegant Interior
    3677 Vermont Lane
    Clovis, CA 93619
    Rating: 4.97 GET A QUOTE
    Here at Elegant Interior we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service. We specialize in providing you with the paint job of your dreams, whether you pick the colors, or we help you find the colors we make sure youre happy the first time! We have been in business for over 3 years and are backed by over 20 years experience. So stop by or give us a call today to set up your free no obligation estimate. ...
    130 North O Street
    Tulare, CA 93274
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    RECOS is your premier residential remodeling company serving the Fresno and Bay areas. We are master carpenters specializing in finish carpentry, interior remodel work, fencing, decks and anything else you should present us with. We have the skills needed to do your project to perfection every time. We look forward to the opportunity to work on your next home project. Give us a call today! ...
  • Superior Drywall
    2228 South University St
    Visalia, CA 93277
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    Superior Drywall is the premier professional company offering residential services to our clients in Visalia area. We are known to pay exquisite attention to detail while making your satisfaction our number one priority.Please call us today to schedule your appointment with California's true professionals at work for you! ...

Home Improvement Articles

Information on Environmentally Safe Paints and Drywalls Exposed

29 Mar 2012

Aside from environmentally safe paints, the best way to finish environmentally safe interior wall or ceiling spaces is drywall. Tenlist listed the best and expert drywall contractors in your area. It is a troubling thought that solvents coming from paints in daily use are emitted into the atmosphere and is not something we would truly wish to happen. What the paints

Drywall Installation Tools, Tricks and Techniques

14 May 2012

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA - Sometime, someday someone will hit your drywall with a heavy object and it's going to leave a mark or even a hole. You can either hang a picture over the hole or repair it yourself, which isn't as scary as you may think. Today, most able-bodied homeowners can tackle their own Columbus Georgia drywall installation or repair project. From

How To Stucco Interior Walls

23 Jan 2014

Stucco Your Interior Walls There are several materials you can use to build your interior walls. Often times we use drywall or sheetrock to build walls as they are a fast effective way to get a wall put up. Another great option that has been around since almost all of known history is stucco walls. Stucco is a plaster mixture that

How to Repair Plaster Wall Cracks

16 Jan 2014

Fix Those Unsightly Cracks Cracks in your plaster walls can be unsightly and if you intend on selling your home, you should take some time to repair the cracks. You can DIY if a weekend, it does not take a great amount of time, but you will need to wait for the repairs to dry and set before sanding and painting.

How to Apply Wall Texture

24 Jan 2014

Texture For Home Improvement There are many different home improvements we can do for DIY projects, the list goes on and on ,and people find new creative ways to DIY all the time. One great way to change the look of a room and give it a fresh look is to add some texturing to your walls.

Drywall Tape for Beginners (Seriously, Experts Don’t Read This)

28 May 2013

Easy DIY for Beginners Okay, our apologies in advance to anyone with a heavy construction background who still decided to read this. If you’re new to DIY construction and trying to fix up your drywall, this article is here to help in the most rudimentary way possible. We want you to get an idea of what you are planning to do


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