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Electrostatic Painting Chicago IL

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High concentrations of lead are emitted from old bathtubs, especially if they have been installed decades ago; consult Chicago electrostatic painting companies and prevent potential health hazards at home. Lead emissions are harmful and exposure to it over a long period of time can cause serious problems especially in children. Approach these professionals for selecting paints that will blend well with your existing home d├ęcor and get an instant makeover; you will be surprised at the advanced technology they use to give quick results.

A paint makeover by Chicago electrostatic painting companies is highly recommended for all the objects in your home, especially if they have been around for more than 20 years. Even traces of lead in the paints that are around you can cause health hazards; so get an instant painting done with the help of these experts. The equipments they use are easily portable and achieve high efficiency without wasting any paint. The paint is also applied uniformly on the surface, reducing the chances of rusting.

A wide range of colors are available when you choose Chicago electrostatic painting contractors for painting your metal surfaces. This method of painting works on all metal furniture, cabinets, workstations, industrial items, elevators and much more. The professionals working on each of these projects are well trained and know how to achieve great finishes within a short period of time. Enjoy smooth colorful painted surfaces on all metal objects and materials within your budget; call them for instant makeover services.

Electrostatic painting creates a very smooth finish on almost all metal surfaces; contact Chicago electrostatic painting companies if you want to follow proper procedures and techniques. This system of painting gives the most durable coating on any metal surface, and when it is done by professionals you can rest assured of quality for a lifetime! Get all your patio furniture, architectural steel, car frames and aluminum panels painted with a color of your choice using the latest technology and expert help.

  • 3 D Decorating
    680 N Lake Shore Dr
    Chicago, IL 60611

    Wal, Exterior Staining, Wall Sheathing, Metal Roof Painting, Wallcovering, Faux Finishing, Fireplace Painting, Exterior Painting...

  • A & J Painting & Decorating
    6444 N Newgard Ave
    Chicago, IL 60626

    Door Painting, Trompe Loeil, Wall Sheathing, Door Staining, Wall Texture, Faux Finishing, Interior Painting, Exterior Painting...

  • A Clean Look
    5444 N La Crosse Ave
    Chicago, IL 60630

    Painting Contractors, Fireplace Painting, Specialty Painting, Wallcovering, Exterior Painting, Door Painting, Wall Sheathing, Wall Texture...

  • Arrowhead Painting
    1719 N Hudson Ave
    Chicago, IL 60614

    Door Staining, Textures, Exterior Painting, Paint Removal, Wall Sheathing, Mural Painting, Concrete Painting, Door Painting...

  • Ascher Brothers Co Inc
    3033 W Fletcher St
    Chicago, IL 60618

    Door Staining, Faux Finishing, Fireplace Painting, Trompe Loeil, Paint Prep, Specialty Painting, Wallcovering, Painting Contractors...

  • Automotive Painters Supply
    3750 W 63rd St
    Chicago, IL 60629

    Wal, Mural Painting, Concrete Painting, Wall Texture, Faux Finishing, Paint Removal, Door Staining, Interior Painting...

  • Blaze Productions
    1428 W Erie St
    Chicago, IL 60642

    Concrete Painting, Door Painting, Trompe Loeil, Faux Finishing, Paint Prep, Wall Sheathing, Door Staining, Interior Painting...

  • Bob's Professional Painting
    5658 W Warwick Ave
    Chicago, IL 60634

    Faux Finishing, Fireplace Painting, Wal, Door Staining, Paint Removal, Interior Painting, Wallcovering, Specialty Painting...

  • Bright Star Decorating Co
    6019 W Addison St
    Chicago, IL 60634

    Interior Painting, Mural Painting, Exterior Painting, Paint Prep, Specialty Painting, Fireplace Painting, Door Painting, Wall Sheathing...

  • Briter Painting & Decorating
    4201 N Damen Ave
    Chicago, IL 60618

    Wallcovering, Exterior Painting, Textures, Wal, Wall Texture, Fireplace Painting, Painting Contractors, Interior Painting...

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