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Electrostatic Painting South Portland ME

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If your cabinets, book shelves, metal desks and lockers need a facelift, contact South Portland electrostatic painting companies for high quality paints and environment friendly solutions. These experts can restore and renew all the fading surfaces in your home with paints that are durable and lead free. Even if you suspect that the existing paint on your doors and windows contain lead, consult these professionals and schedule an inspection of your things, followed by a thorough painting service at cost effective rates.

Do you want to renovate all old, worn out, dull and rusting metal surfaces? Get in touch with South Portland electrostatic painting contractors and get an instant makeover. If the painting is done by professionals using special tools and techniques, you can make all your surfaces more durable, glossy and smooth within hours. Choose a paint color that suits your home d├ęcor and your lifestyle, and these experts will take care of the painting job. Any metal surface can be transformed within hours with their help.

A wide range of colors are available when you choose South Portland electrostatic painting contractors for painting your metal surfaces. This method of painting works on all metal furniture, cabinets, workstations, industrial items, elevators and much more. The professionals working on each of these projects are well trained and know how to achieve great finishes within a short period of time. Enjoy smooth colorful painted surfaces on all metal objects and materials within your budget; call them for instant makeover services.

Conventional or spray painting methods may not give you the desired finish on metal surfaces; call South Portland electrostatic painting companies for excellent smooth finishes. Using special tools and techniques they create oppositely charged particles, which enable the paint to get attracted to the metal surface. This method of painting is considered the most durable of all and even small gaps and the back of surfaces can easily be painted. These professionals do the job very quickly and efficiently, and save you a lot of money.

  • Eastern Painting Co Inc
    525 Main St
    South Portland, ME 04106

    Paint Removal, Exterior Staining, Wal, Interior Painting, Metal Roof Painting, Faux Finishing, Door Staining, Door Painting...

  • Kichi's Painting
    44 Nutter Rd
    South Portland, ME 04106

    Interior Painting, Wallcovering, Fireplace Painting, Exterior Staining, Specialty Painting, Wall Texture, Metal Roof Painting, Paint Removal...

  • Pop's Painting
    South Portland, ME 04106

    Wallcovering, Paint Prep, Concrete Painting, Door Staining, Wall Sheathing, Trompe Loeil, Exterior Staining, Paint Removal...

  • Prime Painting
    215 Walnut St
    South Portland, ME 04106

    Fireplace Painting, Mural Painting, Exterior Painting, Door Staining, Wall Texture, Faux Finishing, Wal, Door Painting...

  • Zarate Painting Contractors
    54 Settler Rd
    South Portland, ME 04106

    Faux Finishing, Interior Painting, Door Staining, Paint Removal, Paint Prep, Metal Roof Painting, Exterior Staining, Wal...

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