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Bring Down Your Home Energy Bills with Torrance Energy Efficient Windows

26 Sep 2011

The power effectiveness of a home is decided most by the efficiency of the doors and windows. Buying energy efficient doors and windows will drastically help in decreasing the amount of money that you pay on heating and cooling. At Torrance energy efficient doors you receive the solution to lower energy expenses by changing the way energy goes out and

Hayward Energy Efficient Windows May Save Money All Year Round

25 Sep 2011

The poorest areas in energy efficiency within a home are normally windows and doors. Buying power efficient types of windows and doors can eliminate the money paid on cooling and heating costs. Hayward energy efficient doors reduce energy costs by changing the way air and heat enter and leave the house. Most of the time, standard houses are fitted with windows

An Overview of Solar panels-Is It Time to Build Your Own

24 Mar 2012

For ideas on how you can move your solar panels from one house to another, consult your local moving companies. Increasing energy costs are causing people all over the world to look for ways to reduce their individual expenses. Solar panels are products that will save you money while helping to guard the natural environment. Perhaps you might have entertained the

Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency With Cedar Rapids Energy Efficient Windows to Decrease Your Electric Bills

21 Aug 2011

Typically the doors and windows tend to be the chief points in the structure of a home that contribute to reduced energy efficiency. Anyone can significantly minimize the cost of home heating and cooling by making an investment on energy efficient windows and doors. With Cedar Rapids energy efficient doors, you receive the way to minimize your power bills by

Reduce Your Home Energy Bills with Aurora Energy Efficient Windows

06 Jun 2011

The weakest spots in energy performance within a house are generally windows and doors. Buying power efficient types of windows and doors can reduce any money spent on heating and cooling expenses. Aurora energy efficient doors reduce energy costs by altering the way air and heat enter and leave the house. Installing single paned windows is nothing more than a mistake.

Light Bulbs: Making the Switch to Energy Efficiency

16 Jan 2013

Here is a brief History lesson for all of us: In 1878 (ish), Thomas Edison successfully perfected the incandescent light bulb.  In 1904, the incandescent light bulb was made even better, with the addition of a tungsten coil.  And in 2007, the U.S. Federal Government enacted the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, encouraging the phasing out of incandescent bulbs


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