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Hardwood Flooring Refinishing Bloomfield NJ

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If you are planning to refinish your hardwood floor and give it a professional touch, hire Bloomfield hardwood floor refinishing services to prepare your floor properly and give it a great and long lasting finish. The project requires special machines like a buffer, a vacuum cleaner and other tools and have good experience in operating them using the right procedures. The product they use for refinishing is of premium quality and the entire cost will work out to be much less than what other contractors offer.

Heavily worn out wooden floors may have deep and extensive scratches; call Bloomfield hardwood floor refinishing companies to remove the scratches and give your floor an attractive finish. Sanding is not advisable on these floors because doing it aggressively can only lead to further damage. Hand over the project to these professionals and eliminate the need for costly replacement. Initial inspection and assessment of the existing floor condition will give them an idea of what procedures can restore your floor and make it more attractive than before.

If you are not too sure about replacing your worn out hardwood floor with a new installation, consult Bloomfield hardwood floor refinishing services to check if refinishing can restore its glossy looks. Brand new floors can be very expensive; these professionals will inspect your floor and recommend repair if necessary. After the holes, gaps, crevices and cracks are evened out and the surface is smoothened using appropriate techniques, these experts will refinish the floor using water or oil based finishes to give your floor a brand new look.

The key to successful hardwood floor finishing is preparation of the floor; call Bloomfield hardwood floor refinishing contractors to clean the floor properly and clear it of uneven surfaces. These experts will make sure that all your furniture, wall hangings and other articles are removed from the room and the electrical outlets, plugs and switches are neatly taped before they start work. Sometimes, depending on the type of wood, if sanding is recommended using fine grit paper, these technicians will take care that the wood is not damaged.

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