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Pre-Screened Heating in Rome, NY

  • NP Evironmental, LLC
    2421 State Route 12
    Waterville, NY 13480
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    At NP Environmental, LLC we are doing our part in energy conservation for the central New York area! Geothermal is a newer technology that can be confusing at first glance but is actually very simple. It comes down to customizing your personal heating and cooling needs. We will design your heating and cooling system to your house's unique design. Give us a call for a free quote! ...

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Pellet Stove Repair

16 Mar 2012

What is a Pellet Stove Anyway? A pellet stove is a furnace that is sometimes used to heat your home.  It burns pellets, or compressed wood, that are able to burn cleaner, longer, and hotter than other heating sources.  Pellet stoves provide great heat for residential homes, but may not be a good fit for commercial applications.  The stoves require little


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