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Pre-Screened Heating in Syracuse, NY

  • C.J. Demars Mechanical
    708 Cayuga Street
    Fulton, NY 13069
    Rating: 4.93 GET A QUOTE
    C.J. Demars Mechanical has 11 years of experience, providing excellent Heating, Air Condiioning and Hot Water heating solution services to the Fulton and Oswego, NY area's. We specialize in sheetmetal duct work design and air balancing, New Construction system design/installation, and high efficient Furnace and boiler installations. Please call today to set an appointment! We look forward to working with you. ...
  • Krystal-Jayne Systems, LLC
    4249 Overlook Drive
    Jamesville, NY 13078
    Rating: 4.78 GET A QUOTE
    We are a qualified, ethical, full-service electrical company that has more than twenty years of experience in the Greater Syracuse area. We can do anything from residential electrical wiring to service upgrades. Phone and Data wiring. Residential, commercial, industrial. We sell and install standby generators. Call for a free estimate on your electrical project today ...

Home Improvement Articles

Pellet Stove Repair

16 Mar 2012

What is a Pellet Stove Anyway? A pellet stove is a furnace that is sometimes used to heat your home.  It burns pellets, or compressed wood, that are able to burn cleaner, longer, and hotter than other heating sources.  Pellet stoves provide great heat for residential homes, but may not be a good fit for commercial applications.  The stoves require little


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