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  • Southern Contracting Services, LLC
    9694 Madison Boulevard, Suite A14
    Madison, AL 35758
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    With over 45 combined years in the construction industry. Southern Contracting Services provides General Contracting services for residential, commercial and industrial clients with experience and a deep understanding of the process and procedures. Our goal is to provide construction services in an exceptional manner that exceeds the expectations of our clients. Through continued education, research and training and development SCS will provide our clients with services in the areas of custom home building, Poured concrete walls, project management and remodels ...

Home Improvement Articles

Where Can You Find Referrals For High-Quality, Local Contractors?

07 Jul 2012

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA-Building a custom home is often the biggest investment that a person can make in their lifetime with results that will last just as long, so finding the right Philadelphia PA home construction contractors is crucial. Homeowners are not looking for just any Tom, Dick or Sally though. They only want to pursue the companies that have the best reputation

Establish A Healthy Environment In Your House

10 Jun 2012

Find custom home builders in your area to build a house that is healthy to the environment and a healthy place to live. Your home is basically the center of your life where you and your family can relax and unwind. The way in which you have your house set up does affect your relationships and your overall disposition. One aspect

Finding a Log Home Builder

28 Mar 2012

Have you ever stayed in a log cabin when you’ve gone skiing, or on a lake trip, or perhaps at a friend’s? I stayed in a log cabin when I spent a weekend in Brokenbow, Oklahoma. I loved it. It was like a home away from home, comfortable, cozy, and definitely felt like vacation. If you are trying to find


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