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Pre-Screened Kitchen Remodeling in Reno, NV

  • Concord Construction, Inc.
    2565 Garzoni Drive
    Sparks, NV 89434
    Rating: 3.38 GET A QUOTE
    With more than 18 years of construction experience, Concord Construction, Inc., provides services a wide array of home improvement services including additions, remodels, and commercial work. ...
  • J C Merrithew Construction Company
    2572 Mount Siegel Lane
    Gardenville, NV 89410
    Rating: pending GET A QUOTE
    J C Merrithew Construction Company is your premier choice for remodeling. We have provided high quality work and friendly customer service for 20 years. Call today! ...
  • Knighton Construction, LLC
    PO Box 3324
    Sparks, NV 89432
    Rating: 3.67 GET A QUOTE
    Do you have some great remodeling ideas for your home? Well Knighton Construction, LLC, located in Sparks, Nevada can make them realities. As general contractors, we can transform your kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms without any intrusive interruption of your daily life. Continue living in your house while remodeling is under way! Call today for more information. ...

Home Improvement Articles

Don't Overlook the Importance of Bathroom and Kitchen Fans

31 May 2012

SAN FRANCISO, CALIFORNIA - Important components of your home's ventilation system are the bathroom and kitchen fans, which improve the quality of your indoor air. While these systems are frequently used throughout the day, many people often overlook their function and purpose. These fans not only remove odors from the home, they also remove moisture, which decreases the level of humidity

Five Tips for Maintaining an Efficient Kitchen Hood System in Your Home

11 May 2012

LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA - Preventive maintenance is critical to kitchen ranges and hoods, as they are responsible for removing the smoke, excess moisture and grease from your home while you are cooking. Keeping your kitchen range hood vent working efficiently requires routine cleaning, especially if you cook often. Wiping down the outside of the hood will do nothing if you forget about

Would You Like To Remodel Your Entire Kitchen?

02 Jul 2012

Your emotions could be based on what type of place you live in. Should you live in a lively and happy home, then it is possible to easily feel upbeat and positive about life. But if your residence is dreary and dingy then you can't help but feel moody and depressed. Many people might live in a different area, if


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