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Mirror Resilvering Charlotte NC

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Regardless of the present state of your mirror, you may want to first decide whether you want to repair and resilver it or replace it with a new one; contact Charlotte metal resilvering services and schedule an inspection by professionals. Most common repair needs are met with easily but resilvering has to be done after weighing the pros and cons thoroughly. Painting the back of the glass with silver is definitely cheaper compared to buying a new piece, and when it is done by these specialists, you can rest assured of best quality and great finish.

For an antique mirror, you can only opt for resilvering if you want to use it on a daily basis; consult Charlotte metal resilvering services to determine whether it can be used again despite its condition. The original silver backing is completely removed before a fresh coat is applied, and only professionals will use the right procedures and techniques to make the glass look as good as new. Remember, this process does not always bring down the value of the antique glass, or the furniture it is attached to.

Cleaning the mirror thoroughly will reveal scratches, cracks and dark spots in it more distinctly; call Charlotte metal resilvering companies to determine whether or not it can be repaired and resilvered to restore its original condition. Any surface damage has to be repaired first because jumping to resilvering directly will only highlight these damages and make them appear bigger and more prominent. These experts will discuss with you the costs and the possible outcomes before going ahead with the project.

Resilvering antique mirrors will damage resale value; it is essential that you discuss the advantages with Charlotte metal resilvering companies before you decide. An antique is supposed to be a perfect piece if it has to have good resale value. Whether it requires resilvering using modern methods is a big question; these experts will suggest ways and means of making it more charming, attractive and beautiful using tried and tested procedures. You can rely on their ideas and recommendations and resilver your antique piece accordingly.

  • All Weather Construction
    1123 Newfound Hollow Rd
    Charlotte, NC 28214

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    10345 Nations Ford Rd
    Ste W
    Charlotte, NC 28273

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    Charlotte, NC 28206

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    Charlotte, NC 28201

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    Charlotte, NC 28277

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    129 West Blvd
    Charlotte, NC 28203

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    Charlotte, NC 28201

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    2217 Distribution Center Dr
    Ste F
    Charlotte, NC 28269

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    6031 Mcdaniel Ln
    Charlotte, NC 28213

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    Charlotte, NC 28201

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