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Mirror Resilvering Scranton PA

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Discoloration, gray marks and dark spots appear on a mirror with the passage of time; call Scranton metal resilvering companies to bring back the shine and make it reflective once again. When the silver at the back is damaged, it becomes evident by the discoloration of the glass and decreased reflective properties. These experienced professionals use high quality silver to restore the damage and apply it efficiently so as to impart a brand new look to the damaged mirror.

For an antique mirror, you can only opt for resilvering if you want to use it on a daily basis; consult Scranton metal resilvering services to determine whether it can be used again despite its condition. The original silver backing is completely removed before a fresh coat is applied, and only professionals will use the right procedures and techniques to make the glass look as good as new. Remember, this process does not always bring down the value of the antique glass, or the furniture it is attached to.

If you are on the lookout for a professional who can resilver your mirror and restore its reflective functions, get in touch with Scranton metal resilvering contractors for doorstep services. If the glass can be transported easily, these experts will recommend shipping it to their workplace; however, if the piece is antique or is too large and heavy, they make sure that all the equipments are brought to your home and the resilvering is done here. You can discuss freely with them your expectations and make them come true.

Attempting to resilver a mirror yourself is quite risky because it involves the use of chemicals that can cause more harm than good; hire Scranton metal resilvering companies to save time, money and the effort to make the procedure safe as well. Some antique mirrors have mercury instead of silver and resilvering such pieces can be risky and hazardous. These professionals will make sure that they use protective clothing and other eyewear and masks while resilvering such antique pieces.

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