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  • A1 Home Improvements
    15234 Hanfor Avenue
    Allen Park, MI 48101
    Rating: 4.83 GET A QUOTE
    A1 Home Improvements has been in business since 2004 and specializes in all facets of home remodels and renovation paying special attention to craftsmanship and detail. No task is too difficult to handle. And as always customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority. ...
  • Millennium Carpet Cleaning, Inc.
    1500 Capitol Avenue
    Lincoln Park, MI 48146
    Rating: pending GET A QUOTE
    Welcome to Millennium Carpet Cleaning, Inc.! We are the experts when it comes to commercial and residential carpet cleaning. Our reputation for quality work, responsiveness, and competitive pricing has been the primary factor in our success. We are committed to client satisfaction in which we serve the client from the initial service requests to final completion. Millennium Carpet Cleaning, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to assist you with your particular carpet, power washing, and emergency water removal needs. Give us a ...

Home Improvement Articles

Clarksville Sports Surface: Being Bold on the Field

24 May 2011

Clarksville sports surface knows that surface really matter when creating and implementing a sports playing area. In addition, sports experts understand the importance of standing out in the masses for any sports arena or field. Uniqueness begets players, and the surface or turf needs to be attractive to those players. In fact, nobody would desire to play football on a

Put Some Science into Your Playing with Expert Assistance from Carrollton Sports Turf

14 Jul 2011

It is a truth that surface is crucial when a sports playing field is made and used, and Carrollton sports surface is well aware of this fact. In addition, there's a huge importance of the area when sports specialists wish to stand apart from the crowd in a sports field or arena. Players always want to be unique, and it

The Awesome Power of Air

22 Mar 2013

When it comes to how things work, few things are more mysterious than air.  Just think about it, it can knock over buildings, fuel fires and give Michael Jordan flight superpowers—not to mention keep humans alive.  Among all of these feats of awesomeness, it can also power some of the strongest shop tools, thanks to air compressors. Air compressors vary in

Build A Kids Table DIY

29 Nov 2013

Seating For The Kids The holidays are here, and if you’re hosting at your home, you may need to think about seating for the family! If you have followed some of our projects, you will know that we have covered a few options to provide you some extra seating in the house. The holidays can be a wondrous and sometimes stressful

Rearranging Your Children's Closets

15 Jun 2012

An attempt needs to be made to clean up your children's disorganized closets. Their own rooms will end up clutter free and they will have no difficulty finding what they need. It can organize their clothes and shoes so that everything is in its correct place. You might have the closet arranged based on the chronological age of your children.

Turn the Game Tide to Your Advantage with Professional Help from Simi Valley Sports Turf

18 Jul 2011

When you're building and creating a playing field for sports, surface has a vital role in it, and Simi Valley sports surface knows it well. Check with any sports specialist, and you will understand the value of standing out from others in the sports arena. Each and every player has a penchant for uniqueness, and it's necessary that they are


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