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Outdoor Lighting

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Lighting the exteriors of your property or your landscape is just as important as the lighting inside your home. This is very important not only for aesthetic reasons (to showcase your home after dark) but also for security and safety reasons. It makes good sense to choose qualified and experienced outdoor lighting contractors in to study the layout of your property and to design the lighting needed accordingly. This kind of lighting is not only about spacing fixtures evenly and flooding the area with an even light. The overall effect of the lighting must be to show your property at its best effect while at the same time bringing out true colors and textures.

Both aesthetic and practical goals must be achieved through outdoor lighting design. There are many types of specific lighting options like architectural lighting, landscape lighting, pool lighting, deck lighting, path lighting, patio lighting etc. The design of your exterior lighting must incorporate one or more of all these specific styles. If you have a beautifully styled home, then effective architectural lighting to highlight the design elements of your building will give you great results. Similarly, if you have a swimming pool that you like to use after dark, pool lighting should form an important part of your outdoor lighting scheme!

Did you know that using the wrong kind of bulbs in landscape lighting can adversely affect the health of your plants? It is a fact that plants are light sensitive. They have very specific dormancy cycles which can get thrown off gear by using strong lighting at night! Low voltage lights that are specifically designed for landscape and garden use must be used for outdoor lighting if you have delicate or sensitive plants in your garden. The type of lighting which has been proven to most adversely affect plants is high pressure sodium lighting. Other types of artificial yellow light do not affect plants quite so much, but high pressure sodium bulbs must be avoided!

Dark exteriors can create a very depressing effect around your home and it is important to have adequate outdoor lighting, not to mention the safety factor involved. Choose the best outdoor lighting contractors and ensure that the lighting solutions you get are properly customized after all your conditions have been taken into account. You can choose the best contractors for this job by logging on to www.Tenlist.com. This site has many advantages in store for you and you can also take advantage of the fact that all you need to do here is fill in a simple form. You will be called back by the best contractors for the job without delays!

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