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Paint Like a Professional

31 Oct 2012

Admit it. The color of your walls change everything, even if it's just throwing in an accent wall. I always say there are 3 things that can change a room; a rug, painting the walls, and/or curtains. I love that one thing that spices the room up! If you're like me, you want to learn how to do everything yourself.

Gathering the Tools for Your Next Painting Scheme

09 Mar 2012

Home improvement jobs are pretty easy to plan, but sometimes having the right tools is overlooked. Depending on what type of job you are planning, you may need a lot of tools, and you may only need a few. To be prepared for your home improvement jobs, the following tools will be necessary for their completion. Everything you need for a

Painting Contractor-Art Anyone?

15 Aug 2012

Painting your house no longer carries the same meaning that it did just a few decades ago, the variation in colors and new techniques for painting complex patterns with relative ease have transformed this home improvement job into an art form. A talented painting contractor can change the entire feel of a house just be using colors that give a

Featured Video: Time Saving Paint Trick

29 Aug 2012

Last week, I published a blog about a few tricks and techniques that you can use to save time when painting.  One of the tricks, that I mentioned, involved painter’s tape and some silicon caulk.  The exact wordage went a little something like this: Ahem… “When I get to a corner or up to the ceiling, I do not have the patience

Why Hire a Painting Contractor?

26 Mar 2012

There are several items that you will need to consider when deciding on whether to paint your home for yourself, or hire a professional painting contractors.  Both have their benefits and unique set of disadvantages, but do not make your decision until you've read on. Safety and Health This is the number on item over looked when doing your painting analysis. Are

Time Saving Tricks for Painting

21 Aug 2012

About two years ago, my wife and I moved into our very first home.  Though it may not have been our “dream house,” we were certainly excited about the opportunity to be first-time homeowners (The first-time home-buyer tax credit may have contributed to the excitement a bit).  I remember looking at our home and envisioning all the great things about


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