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The Great American Pest Problem

18 Jul 2012

I have bad news, folks:  we’re severely outnumbered.  No, I’m not referring to the growing number of Kardashians—but close.  I’m talking about household pests. Did you know that the American Cockroach will lay about 10 egg cases in her lifetime?  And each of those egg cases can contain around 15 baby cockroaches!  In other not-so-great news: For every single human being

Winter Critters

13 Aug 2013

Winter is coming Holidays are right around the corner. Fall festivals, turkey eating, present wrapping, and all of the things our families look forward to.  We also look forward to the change in weather. No more hot and blistering summer days and nights. We can actually open our windows and give our air conditioning units and our electric bill a break. The

DIY Home Pest Prevention

28 Nov 2013

They Will Come Something we all have in common no matter where we all have pests try to invade our nice comfy homes from time to time. Thankfully, there are a lot of things we can do to deter the little critters from becoming our unwanted guests. We also can use some simple at home DIY safe natural remedies to kick


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