A-Able Sandblasting & Painting

A-Able Sandblasting & Painting
    Portland, OR  97086
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A-Able Sandblasting & Painting is a home improvement business featured on Tenlist - true local results. This business is located in the city of Portland, Oregon, where they provide Painting Contractors, , Concrete Painting, Wall Sheathing, Door Painting, Door Staining, Exterior Painting, Exterior Staining, Faux Finishing, , Interior Painting, , Mural Painting, , Paint Removal, Specialty Painting, , Wall Texture, , Wallcovering Installation..etc. services.

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  • 2012-10-11T19:52:39.000Z
  • BAD BAD BAD!!!!!! I took my military trailer down to this clown on a Monday. I wanted it back before the rain hit on Friday and he agreed with that. His name is Dick or slick or rick....something like that. This clown told me that my trailer would be ready to go on Wed. or Thurs. I called this clown on Thurs. He politely decided to chump me and work on his shop pouring concrete instead. So, I had to find another blaster and move the trailer on a Thurs, afternoon. That really pissed me off. The good news is I found a really great blaster on 82nd and Duke. Will be done Friday morning! Pro Blasters..... they rock...this guy sucks...and probably swallows too,,,lol BEWARE OF THIS IDIOT!!!!!!! Jim

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