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The electrical system in the home is crucial for all of the modern technologies we utilize on a daily basis, it is what regulates the power in our homes, and keeps everything operating smoothly and safely. There is a lot more to the home electric system than simply plugging in to the power outlets!

When Things Become a Problem!

The power of electricity is wonderful, but should be respected as it can seriously harm you; and a strong enough shock could even take your life! Electricity is heavily regulated, and there are a number of safety precautions to prevent any accidental problems or hazards; however sometimes unexpected things can and do happen. There are over fifty thousand electrical fires each year on average, so be sure to deal with any electrical concerns right away and do not put them off!
Some signs you could have some electrical problems.

  • Outlets – If your outlets are loose, or get hot then there is a problem and they need to be replaced. It is ideal to have an electrician take a look at them to ensure that there is not a problem in the wiring or a short.
  • Breaker – If your breaker is tripping often or immediately after you reset it; then you can be sure that there is a problem of some sort. DO NOT turn it back on and have a licensed electrician inspect and determine the problem as soon as possible.
  • Gets hot – If your plugs or wires for things plugged into the wall socket or outlets get hot, then you should unplug them immediately and not use that socket/outlet. Have an electrician replace as soon as possible.
  • Smoke – If you ever detect smoke you should take immediate action to shut the power off and call in an electrician for an emergency inspection to get to the root of the problem. Never neglect the possibility of a fire in the home.
  • Lights flicker – Sometimes when the lights dim or flicker it can be a sign that your electrical system needs to be updated or upgraded. However, it can also be that there was a power surge from the power lines as well; you should have a licensed electrician take a look to inspect your system for any signs of trouble.

These are some of the signs that you may need to have your electrical system worked on by your trusted local electrical contractor.

When You Need an Electrical Contractor

There are several home improvements that require a licensed electrician to handle safely and legally. You can do simple things like changing out ceiling fans, changing light fixtures, etc. however; if you are ever unsure call your local trusted electrical contractor first. Keep in mind that for new construction, remodels, etc. that a licensed electrician will have to do the wiring and installation for most electrical components.

You can always count on your friends here at Tenlist.com to always connect you with your trusted local contractors for all of your electrical needs, whether its new construction, repairs, or upgrades; we can match you with local licensed contractors to handle all of your home improvement needs!