Steel Beam Installation in Novi, MI

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Pre-Screened Steel Beam Installation in Novi, MI

  • Crutcher Studio
    P.O. Box 22
    Farmington, MI 48332
    Rating: 4.96 GET A QUOTE
    Crutcher Studio offers design and planning services for new construction, renovations and additions. Contact Kenneth Crutcher about your next project. ...
  • Nicholas Pastor & Associates, Inc.
    675 Park
    Birmingham, MI 48009
    Rating: 4.97 GET A QUOTE
    Having maintained a successful practice for many years, Nicholas Pastor & Associates, Inc. continues to be an outstanding architectural business. We have been serving clients in Michigan and Ohio for more than 30 years. We take pride in our outstanding record of quality service, and our longevity is a testament to the level of service and quality of results you'll get when you choose Nicholas Pastor & Associates for your design needs. The firm was founded on the premise ...

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