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There are a lot of confusing options when it comes to home security, so we thought we would help and break it down a bit for you. Here’s what to consider in choosing a video surveillance. Should you choose wireless or wired? Wireless camera setups are typically used in homes, easier to install, and give you the flexibility to change camera locations without having to run new wires. Larger homes and business may need a more complex solution, so they typically choose wired camera setups. These require cable being run from camera to DVR through low voltage lines, so you won’t necessarily need a contractor for installation. Surveillance camera companies in Alexandria can help you make informed choices based on your security needs.

Network video recording surveillance systems ( NVR ) An NVR system streams the recorded video onto a hard drive. No video connectors are used and they can be installed anywhere. These video surveillance systems can record and replay simultaneously. Recordings on any one surveillance camera can be viewed by any number of operators simultaneously and independently. With easier set up and a more user-friendly interface the NVR video surveillance systems is designed to handle as many cameras as the unit supports. It is professional grade live video surveillance recording with real-time monitoring and playback service. If your residential and commercial property is in need of a video surveillance system upgrade from a DVR based or any other outdated video surveillance system, contact a surveillance camera company today to discuss the many security cameras and recorders available.

For many years, government agencies, commercial buildings and educational institutions have used surveillance camera companies to solve complex and sensitive security challenges, earning the top ones reputation as offering the most sophisticated and user-friendly video surveillance systems available. Tenlist connects you with the first name in comprehensive security solutions. They specialize in all types of security cameras and encourage customers to browse our catalog for camera types that meet their specific needs. Indoor cameras work great for offices and businesses. For home and property protection Outdoor cameras come in all price ranges. Have faith that our surveillance camera companies are top of the line in the industry.

We offer remote monitoring. Our video surveillance systems are networkable, allowing you to easily monitor your home or business remotely via the internet or smartphone. Surveillance camera companies have security camera systems that are easy to install. Our trained consultants are available to assist you every step of the way. We have a nationwide network of professional installers who will do all the hard work for you. Get started today by filling out the form on this page. Our experts will be in contact with you right away to get started!

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    Alexandria, VA 22312

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    Alexandria, VA 22301

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    2655 Duke St
    Alexandria, VA 22314

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    3901 Franconia Rd
    Alexandria, VA 22310

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    7325 Richmond Hwy
    Alexandria, VA 22306

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    5113 Colebrook Pl
    Alexandria, VA 22312

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    2121 Eisenhower Ave
    Alexandria, VA 22314

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    6538 Little River Tpke
    Alexandria, VA 22312

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    2121 Eisenhower Ave
    Alexandria, VA 22314

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    801 N Pitt St
    Alexandria, VA 22314

    Home Automation, Security Systems, Security System Monitoring, Home Security, Security Safes, Alarm Repair, Security Bars, Security Shutters...

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