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Pre-Screened Windows in Brighton, CO

  • L & M Construction
    820 South Monaco Parkway, Unit 353
    Denver, CO 80224
    Rating: 4.63 GET A QUOTE
    We've been professional door and window installers for over 20 years in the home remodel business. Our goal is to provide you the most energy-efficient product at a competitive price, and with a great warranty. We'll make the experience a happy one where we're sure you'll want to tell your friends about us. We'll supply you with the references and a picture catalog when we visit you.Special financing is available. Please ask. We only supply the most energy-efficient windows with the best ...
  • Metro Reconstruction Services, Inc.
    500 Theresa Drive
    Boulder, CO 80303
    Rating: 4.92 GET A QUOTE
    Metro Contracting Services, Inc., are experts in Stucco and Moisture Control; we also do Plaster, Stone, and offer other construction services. Metro Contracting Services, Inc., has been doing residential, commercial and industrial work since 1982. Metro Contraction Services, Inc., covers the front range from southern Colorado to Fort Collins as well as mountain communities (Aspen, Vail, and Steamboat) and has been able to grow and build a solid reputation through a commitment to quality and customer service. ...
  • Romero Unique Interiors, LLC
    180 E Bridge St
    Brighton, CO 80601
    Rating: 5.0 GET A QUOTE
    Romero Unique Interiors, LLC brings nearly two decades of construction experience working in home improvement. With a team of highly skilled craftsmen our goal is to successfully help you achieve your desired image. Unique Interiors assures you professionalism, and quality of work. Our combined knowledge of products, contracting, and experience surely puts us a cut above the rest. From a simple grouting job or a full renovation our philosophy is that every job is performed as if it was for our ...

Home Improvement Articles

DIY Window Tinting | Everday Handyman Series

11 May 2012

Daniel does it again and shows us how to keep those peeping toms from seeing into your windows. With a simple "fit to size" window covering you can buy at any home improvement store you can completely block out or obscure someones view into a window. Daniel shows up how it's done and can be an easy DIY project for

Home Improvement - Why Window Projects Can Be Uncomplicated

18 Mar 2012

From periodicals and TV shows to the internet, there is a ton of information that focuses on improving your home at the current time. However, it may seem that one has to have an endless supply of time and cash to create considerable alterations to the place you live. Thankfully, less expensive and time consuming ideas are possible to improve

How to Build Interior Shutters

12 Dec 2013

We have looked at installing exterior shutters on the house, but what if you want to install some window shutters for the inside that are functional? It is much easier to close the shutters from the inside, especially on a two story home!

Window to Your Soul

12 May 2011

I live down in Dallas Texas, and last summer was especially hot. We had a good string of 100 degree days and when my electric bill arrived in the mail, I had to be resuscitated by my home defibrillator. (something every electric bill payer in Texas must have) I decided it was time to have an energy audit done on

How to Make A Window Well Cover

29 Jan 2014

Make Them Safe Window well covers can be a tricky point of your home improvement, as there are many local laws that you may need to consider before trying to build your own DIY. Many places require them to be useable as emergency exits, and some even require small ladders to make sure children can easily escape in an emergency. So,

How to Install Window Treatments

16 Dec 2013

Need to Dress Them Up? Are your windows bare and in need of some dressing up to bring your room together? The window treatments can be the difference in a finished room, or a room that is just missing that final touch. We have looked at making your own shades for a DIY project, let’s consider the proper way to hang


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