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October and November are the months when most American homeowners start preparing their houses and vehicles for winter. Some prefer to do it themselves while others prefer to find a winterizing contractor for this job. Taking early steps can save a person a lot of money which would otherwise flow out of his pocket in form of heating bills and pipeline repairs. If you get your house properly insulated, you will have to put less money in heating the rooms when winter is at its peak. Similarly, you will be handing out hundreds of bucks to plumbers for repairing your damaged pipes if you don’t clean and prepare them for cold weather ahead of time.

So what are the essential things to look for when winterizing your home? First off, insulate your doors and windows. These are two places from where most of the winter air enters your house and lower its temperature. Best advice regarding windows would be the installation of Thermal Vinyl windows. They are energy-efficient in the sense that they bar the internal hot air from going outside. If this is out of your budget, get plastic insulation kits for your window frames. They are less expensive and do the job for the most part. Checking for air leakage is very simple, just bring a burning candle near the edges of the windows and see if the flame stands still or flicker.

As for doors, you can block minor leaks by calk or spray foam. You can visually inspect the door for leaks or you can apply the candle test. Other than these two things, you need to work on your pipes, furnace (and heating systems) and chimneys. When temperature is in negatives outside, water pipes may get freeze and ultimately break down. You need to properly clean and insulate their openings in order to prevent them from bursting in the winter. Don’t forget to replace the filters of your furnace and get it inspected by a professional before the start of the season. Finally, make sure that the chimney on your roof is designed to suck the air upward and its opening hole is not serving as the entry point for cold air. Because if it doesn’t work like that, no matter what you do you will never have your rooms warm and cozy.

All of the above mentioned tasks seem easy and doable. So do you really need a winterizing company or professional to take hold of your house and perform these tasks? We believe yes, because not everybody has the time and energy to learn how to do these correctly. And even if they do, there is still a fair amount of risk involved.  If you have made your mind to hire a contractor to winterize your home, allow Tenlist.com to make your life easier. Just fill out our quick form and soon enough you will have local contractors contacting you with their offerings.

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